AMCap 9.22: AMCap is a multi-purpose still and video capture application with video preview.

AMCap 9.22

AMCap is a multi-purpose still and video capture application with many advanced preview and recording features, including: AVI and WMV formats, DV and MPEG-2 recording, real-time video compression, crosshair, digital zoom, full screen preview, text enhancer, and many others.

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CamZoomer 2.7: Software adds pan, tilt and zoom to your static USB webcam

CamZoomer 2.7

zoom and move camera! CamZoomer is a middleware application between webcam application and real webcam driver. It takes video from real webcam on the maximum allowed resolution and transfers it to webcam application with another dimenions. That allows to do 2x ZOOM without loosing of quality and then using digital zoom it makes zoom up to 8x and it still nice looking. That allows to emulate panning and tilting of camera. Try this out, just download

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Zoom Studio - Home Edition 2.30: Create a zoom photo gallery from web images. Manage images and animate photos

Zoom Studio - Home Edition 2.30

Zoom Studio 2 is an easy to use graphics software for the web, optimized for high resolution digital photographs. View and create web ready zoomable image galleries, animations and much more from any source of photos or images. View your photos or images with interactive filtered zoom locally or from the web pages you create with Zoom Studio 2. Create and generate html zoom galleries and slideshows from your photos with ease. Zoom Studio 2 Home Edition

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RioDVD Region Free Player 1.6: Software dvd player with region free features

RioDVD Region Free Player 1.6

RioDVD Region Free Player is a full featured and easy to use DVD player integrating all functions of a standard DVD player. It can play DVD, VCD, SVCD Movies, with many most advanced features, such as S/PDIF output,Multi-Speakers, Digital Zoom, Video Desktop etc. RioDVD Region Free Player also offers some copy-protection free features like: Region Free , RCE Free , UOP Free , Macrovision Free. Just click play button and experience

software, dvd player, region free, computer, marovision

Digital Frame Master 1.00: Optimize your pictures for your digital photo frame. Zoom, pan and rotate.

Digital Frame Master 1.00

Specialized software to optimize pictures for your digital photo frame. Zoom, pan and rotate your pictures with the mouse in a preview resembling your real frame. Much quicker and easier than using a general purpose photo editor. Manage different sets for different occasions, e.g. summertime vs wintertime, Christmas vs Halloween, landscape vs portrait frame mode etc. Optimize image resolution and maximize the number of pictures in your frame.

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aXmag PDF to Flash Converter 2: PDF to flash converter, create online magazine, digital magazine, flash magazine

aXmag PDF to Flash Converter 2

digital documents all in SWF formats and browser them in IE. Features: 1. Convert PDF into Flash files including: Digital magazines, online magazines, digital catalogs, flash magazine, online manuals, interactive flyers, reports, whitepapers, newsletters, brochures, flipping photo albums and other digital documents in PDF formats. 2. Page flip simulating: Feel ease flipping the online e-book and have fun in reading. 3. Quick loading e-pages: Pages

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StillMotion PE-II 1.0: Create slide shows with sound, titles, transitions - SWF, Web, CD ROM, YouTube

StillMotion PE-II 1.0

Zoom effects. Creates multimedia slideshows from digital images. Easy and powerful. Add sound, titles, labels, transitions, publish to YouTube, pan, zoom, create skins, animated text, composite images, hot spots, graphics, text, symbols with animation and effects. PE-II makes sharing and showing off your photos a snap. Load your pictures in a folder and simply tell StillMotion PE-II to create a slide show. Select Publish and you`re done. Personal

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Digital Photo Recovery 2.0.3: Software for digital picture recovery, digital image recovery and media recovery

Digital Photo Recovery 2.0.3

Digital Photo Recovery is a digital picture recovery software that will undelete, restore and recover deleted and formatted digital photos lost on corrupted, erased or damaged Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, Multimedia or Secure Digital Cards, hard drives or other storage devices. Our digital image recovery software incorporates media recovery, digital picture recovery, flash card recovery and digital camera recovery into one simple product.

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Image Viewer 1.3: View and resize digital images quickly and easily or view a slide show

Image Viewer 1.3

digital images. Void of the excessive and largely useless features of many other digital imaging applications, the Markosoft Image viewer is a low cost and effective alternative for doing just what the name implies...viewing digital images. The Image Viewer includes zoom in and zoom out features and supports all of the most common image file types including the jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp, emf, wmf, and ico file types. The newest feature of the Image Viewer

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STOIK Smart Resizer 2.0: Use smart interpolation for digital zooming and resizing

STOIK Smart Resizer 2.0

digital photos including new STOIK Smart Resize algorithm which allows to enlarge digital images up to 1000% without loss of visual sharpness. You will find it useful for multiple tasks – from quality zooming to increasing resolution of digital photos to creation of good-looking photo thumbnails. To increase resolution of digital photo one needs to add pixels to those registered by camera or scanner CCD. Color values in newly added pixels are calculated

zoom, mobile, imaging, moblog, interpolation, resize, resample, sharpness, jpeg, resolution, enlarge